Philippine Academy of Dermatologic Surgery Foundation, Inc. (PADSFI)  in cooperation with International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS)

The Philippine Academy of Dermatologic Surgery Foundation, Incorporated (PADSFI) was founded in November, 1999 by a dynamic group of dermatologic surgeons who are all active fellows of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS).

To echo the programs of the ISDS in the Philippines, the PADSFI was established in the year 2000 by a group of 7 Filipino ISDS members led by Emily Piansay-Soriano under the guidance of then ISDS President, Bill Hanke, and the blessings of ISDS Founder President Perry Robins. Since then,  PADSFI has conducted Annual Workshops for its members.”DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY as a new subspecialty in the field of Medicine undeniably is undergoing its birth pains worldwide. The practice of dermatologic surgery by large in the Philippines as in the U.S. and the rest of the world has not yet reached the stage as a training program offered in the different training institution.

Realizing the gap in knowledge in this special field, the group of doctors who were initially individually motivated to learn more in dermatologic surgery for their private practice now after many years of constantly attending the lectures and workshops of the ISDS- and after many dialogues with many internationally renown mentors in the field of dermatologic surgery – were inspired to establish PADSFI.

PADSFI is closely working and in constant coordination with the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery in developing standards to maintain competence in the practice of dermatologic surgery.


Premiere society of leaders in the practice of dermatologic surgery committed to excellence and service


We are a dermatologic surgery society that promotes excellence in the practice of dermatologic surgery and provides ethical and compassionate patient care


The objectives of PADSFI is to elevate the science and practice of dermatologic surgery in the Philippines to the highest level possible by the way of continuing medical education and to increase public awareness and make the services available to all.

Officers and the Board


Ma. Encarnacion “Carrie” R. Legaspi, M.D.

Vice President

Ma. Cristina “Cri” A. Puyat, M.D.


Jonathan Feliciano “Joni” A. Dizon, M.D.


Rommel “Rommel”P. Caballes, M.D.

Board of Trustees

Cristabel “Charry” Torres-Sy, M.D.

Joyce Elizabeth “Joyce” Young-Paraiso, M.D.

Ma. May Jasmin “Jas” R. Yason, M.D.

Marie Judith “Judith” V. Eusebio, M.D.


Immediate Past President

Teresita “Tess” S. Ferrariz, M.D.


Miriam Emily “Ems” Piansay-Soriano, M.D.


Board of Advisers

Isabel “Beng” Lopez-Nazal, M.D.

Ma. Agnes “Agnes” Espinoza-Thaebtharm, M.D.

Maria Lourdes “Lot” Uyehara-Scher, M.D.