Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma or PRP is one of the latest treatment modalities that has gained popularity in the fields of dermatology, cosmetic and plastic surgery, orthopedics and dentistry. PRP is a concentrate of platelets suspended in a small amount of plasma obtained after centrifugation of the patient’s blood.  This is then reintroduced to the same patient at the sites to be treated. Platelets which play an essential role in hemostasis, are a natural source of growth factors. These growth factors vital in wound healing and regeneration are the key players in PRP treatment. Their reparative and regenerative properties are utilized extensively in treatment of array of conditions. In dermatology, platelet rich plasma has found its use in the treatment of Alopecia or hair loss, chronic non-healing ulcers, scars, for skin rejuvenation and as autologous fillers.  Since the patient’s own blood is used, this technique avoids cross-reactivity, hypersensitivity or immune reaction, granuloma formation and disease transmission encountered in synthetic substances. PRP treatment is a relatively new clinical procedure that offers promising results. Further clinical trials and studies are needed.

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